In Office Technology

At the California Sinus Centers we are committed to incorporating technology into our practice to provide the safest, most effective and accessible sinus care to you and your family members. Here are just a few examples:

In Office CT ScanSinus CT Scan

Many of our new or return patients will need a CT scan of their sinuses at their visit. For your safety and convenience, we offer low-dose CT imaging at many of our offices. Low dose CT scanners such as the Xoran MiniCat CT system pictured here allow a 10-50 fold reduction in effective radiation dose compared to conventional CT imaging of the sinuses. A CT scan is a common diagnostic tool in our practice and our imaging protocols ensure that this procedure is both safe and convenient for our patients.

dosing table

Nasal EndoscopyNasal Endoscopy

Many of our new patients are nervous about undergoing sinus examination with a nasal endoscope. Your safety and comfort are our top priorities. Prior to your nasal endoscope exam, you will be sprayed with medication that will decongest and numb your nasal passages. The endoscope will allow your provider to look deeper into your sinuses than with traditional instruments. We have stocked our clinics with 3 mm (pediatric) endoscopes to ensure you are as comfortable as possible.

Nasal Endoscopy

In Office Image Guided Navigation

Many of our patients may be a candidate for in office surgical procedures using local anesthesia as an alternative to traditional OR-based sinus surgery with general anesthesia. There are many advantages of in office procedures including: fast recovery time, less discomfort, and reduced cost to the patient. To ensure the highest level of safety we offer in-office image guided surgical navigation at our Atherton office. This technology was previously offered only in an operating room setting. If you are interested in whether you may be a candidate for in-office sinus surgery contact our offices today.

Image Guided Surgery

Accessible Media

We want to share information with you and your other providers! We incorporate wearable LCD technology into our exam rooms so you can view your nasal endoscopy and better understand your diagnosis and treatment options. We also provide copies of your CT imaging on-site. They are valuable education tools that help our patients understand their nasal and sinus disorder.

Web-based services

We are proud to offer online services including: patient portal access to medical information, secure online messaging and electronic bill pay. These services were designed to improve communication, accessibility and convenience.

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