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PolypVac – Polyp Treatment in San Francisco, CA

Please note: The Polypvac device is no longer available from the manufacturer, however, California Sinus Centers has invested in an endoscopic shaver to perform in-office nasal polyp removal for carefully selected patients. Please call 650-399-4630 for more information.

The Polyp Vac has been approved for use in the US for in-office polyp treatment.

It is with great excitement that we can announce the FDA’s approval of the newest tool in the fight against sinus disease here in the US: the PolypVac.

The PolypVac was developed by doctors from Cal Sinus and other institutions in conjunction with Redwood City based Laurimed, LLC. The purpose of its development was to address the need for a tool that can remove certain types of sinus polyps in an office environment. The tool may allow a skilled Rhinologist to address a patient’s polyps in a properly equipped office exam room instead of an ambulatory surgery center. Having the polypvac in their toolbag may allow a surgeon to bring treatment to the patient. Not only may this potentially save patients the time they might have spent traveling to an ambulatory surgery center, it also saves them the associated medical costs and general anesthesia.

The PolypVac has been in use in Canada for over a year but recently gained FDA approval in the US. Laurimed is in the process of distributing the device to doctors for its use. California Sinus Centers has been (successfully) using the tool since February of this year (2014) to treat patients affected with certain types of polyps. Patients report that their symptoms have diminished greatly and they can return to going about their daily lives. The first surgeon in the US to use the device was Dr. David W. Clark, a Cal Sinus trained surgeon now practicing in Temple, Tx.

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