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The California Sinus Centers are the premier centers of excellence in Northern California for the care of patients with disorders of the nose and sinuses. At Cal Sinus we aim to provide the best possible care to our patients in a comfortable and compassionate environment. Our providers are highly experienced surgeons (over 3000 cases) and are fellowship trained surgeons who are national and international leaders in the field of rhinology. Through efforts in clinical care, education and research we strive to improve your sinuses and overall health.

Advanced Sinus Care Calfornia Sinus Centers

Advanced Sinus Care

The California Sinus Centers specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of complex disorders of the nose and paranasal sinuses.

Sinusitis Nasal Polyps & Allergies Nasal & Sinus Surgery Sinus Tumors & CSF Leaks Other Conditions We Treat Education & Research In Office Technology

Bay Area California Sinus Centers

Convenient Bay Area Locations

Our sinus experts are available at locations throughout the Bay Area.

Atherton Fresno/Clovis Pleasanton Sonoma Walnut Creek

In Office Nasal Sinus Endoscopy California Sinus Centers

Your Visit to Cal Sinus

Many of our new patients are nervous about undergoing sinus examination with a nasal endoscope. Your safety and comfort are our top priorities. Prior to your nasal endoscope exam, you will be sprayed with medication that will decongest and numb your nasal passages. The endoscope will allow your provider to look deeper into your sinuses than with traditional instruments. Additionally, you'll be able to view your exam in real-time with personal video glasses.

In Office Nasal Endoscopy
Low Dose Sinus CT California Sinus Centers

Low Dose CT Scan

Many of our new or return patients will need a CT scan of their sinuses at their visit. For your safety and convenience, we offer low-dose CT imaging at many of our offices.  Low dose CT scanners such as the Xoran MiniCat CT system pictured here allow a 10-50 fold reduction in effective radiation dose compared to conventional CT imaging of the sinuses. A CT scan is a common diagnostic tool in our practice and our imaging protocols ensure that this procedure is both safe and convenient for our patients.

Sinus CT Scan

California Sinus Centers announces BASS partnership

Cal Sinus is pleased to announce that their staff and providers will be joining the Bay Area Surgical Specialists, Inc. (BASS).

BASS will be replacing Sacramento ENT management starting October 1, 2016. This partnership will allow Cal Sinus to expand their sinus care services in the Bay Area and Northern California.

For additional information or questions about billing please click the button below.

Billing FAQ

What is BASS?

Cal Sinus is pleased to announce that their staff and providers will be joining the Bay Area Surgical Specialists, Inc. (BASS).

BASS will be replacing Sacramento ENT Management services for several of the services we offer to our patients.

We ask your patience during this transition over October to December 2016.

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